Bigg Boss, Season 10: Swami Om manhandles Rohan, issued ultimatum

As day 65 unfolded, Bigg Boss house was turned into a hostel.

Bigg Boss, Season 10: Swami Om manhandles Rohan, issued ultimatum
Pic Courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: As day 65 unfolded, Bigg Boss house was divided into two parts and turned into a hostel.

Following which, the luxury budget task, Gurukul was announced.

For this, the contestants were divided into four couples - Monalisa-Manu, Nitibha-Manveer, Bani-Gaurav and Lopamudra-Rohan.

They had to exchange love letters in a way that the wardens of the respective hostels (Swami Om for the boys and Priyanka Jagga for girls) do not get to know about it. 

What unfolds is as follows -

- Swami Om gets angry and tries to break open the door of the washroom, where Rohan and Lopamudra were hiding their love letters.

- Gaurav and Manveer tried to stop Swami Om him but to no avail.

- Then Rohan and Swami Om get into a major fight.

- This leads to Bigg Boss asking everyone to come to the living room but Swami Om defies the order.

- Bigg Boss asks him to control his behaviour. 

- Later there is an altercation between Priyanka and Bani and Monalisa over love letters.

- Priyanka makes personal comments on Monalisa and Manu's relationship which makes Monalisa very angry.

- Priyanka also has a showdown with Nitibha.

- On the other hand, when Lopamudra and Rohan try to exchange the love letters, Swami Om manhandles Rohan, who gets injured.

- Finally, Bigg Boss cancels the task and asks all the contestants to submit all the provided material in the store room.

- Swami Om is called in the confession room and issued an ultimatum.

- Bigg Boss gives Swami punishment to fix the door he damaged during the task.

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