Lord Rama had visited these places during Vanvas

This Diwali, retrace the journey of Lord Shri Ram.

Lord Rama had visited these places during Vanvas
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Mumbai: The return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after winning a fierce battle against Demon King Ravana in Lanka marks the victory of good over evil. The Prince of Ayodhya returned to his place of birth after living in exile for fourteen long years with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman.

During their 14 year long journey, the trio, was forced by circumstances to visit a number of places.

This Diwali, if you wish to retrace the journey of Shri Ram, here’s an article that will help you know the places that were once visited by the divine man himself:


Ram Janmabhoomi or Ayodhya is a pious destination for all the devotees of Lord Ram. This is the place where the Lord was born to queen mother Kaushalya and King Dasharath.


After crossing the mighty Ganga, Ram, Lakshman and Sita arrived at Prayag to Sage Bharadwaj’s Ashram. It is believed that the sage suggested them to stay in Chitrakoot.


Ram’s younger brother – Bharat – is believed to have visisted this place when the Lord was in excile to request him to get back to Ayodhya after learning all what his mother Kaikeyi did to his faher-like-brother.


This is the place where Shurpanakha, sister of Ravana tried to entice Lord Ram. She eventually got a befitting response from Lakshman, who cut her nose as punishment.


This is believed to be the place where Lord Ram helped Sugreeva ascend the throne after killing Bali.


Ram and Lakshman were helped by Sugreeva’s monkey army to build a bridge over the ocean to reach Lanka where Sita was held hostage by Ravan.


This is the place which is believed to have witnessed the battle between the good and the evil. Lord Ram won the war against demon king Ravan, freed his wife Sita and took her back to Ayodhya.