Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum helps tourists pull their car out of the sand, goes viral - Watch

Apparently, mid-desert rescues run in the family.

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum helps tourists pull their car out of the sand, goes viral - Watch
Sheikh Mohammed (2nd from left) posing with the tourists, whose car he helped pull out of the sand. (Picture: Twitter/@Hannarroyo)

Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is going viral for stopping by on a drive through the desert and helping rescue a group of stranded tourists. The tourists' vehicle had reportedly been stuck in the sand, and the Emir had given them not just a helping hand, but a drink to quench their thirst.

The rescue was posted online by one of the tourists, Hanna Karen Arroyo, who seems to be a resident of Dubai. She posted three tweets, which included photos and a video clip that shows the Emir's car towing the stuck vehicle out of the sand.

"My friend and I got stuck on the desert of Dubai and we got rescued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid," read the first tweet that Arroyo posted with ictures. 



Well, she just got her car pulled out by the ruler, and she was in no mood to stop gushing. "Thanks to Simon and the man who sells pigeons and tried to help us and special thanks to HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid for being a righteous ruler of Dubai and for helping us and finally pulled us out from the sand and gave us a refreshment drink," read her next tweet, which also showed a picture of the bottle of the drink the Sheikh offered them.



Arroyo also posted a short video clip of Sheikh Mohammed's SUV trying the drag the other car out of the sand. "This is the video that shows HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid pulling our car out of the sand!!! Thanks God there are still good people on earth, this means we can all help others when we see them in trouble," read Arroyo's tweet.

Watch the video she posted:



This is not the first time Mohammed bin Rashid, who is also the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has gone viral for rescuing someone from the desert. In 2017, he had helped out three stranded women cyclists in the middle of a desert road.
And it doesn't stop there. Mid-desert rescues run in the family, apparently. Sheikh Mohammed's son and Dubai Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan stopped by to help pull out a massive truck that was stuck in the sand. Watch that video here:



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Hamdan can also be seen getting out of his car to shake the truck driver's hand after pulling the truck out on to firmer ground.


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