Modified Jawa Perak motorcycle with black-bronze paint scheme has CLASSIC personality

The modified Jawa Perak gets a fine paint job with multiple other details, and these changes come without any effect on the mechanical functions of the motorcycle.

Modified Jawa Perak motorcycle with black-bronze paint scheme has CLASSIC personality

Bobbers are some of the most desirable bikes for modifiers. The motorcycles possess a strong persona along with the class everyone desires. Combine these traits with a bold paint scheme, and you have the recipe for a perfect motorcycle. It seems like Hyderabad-based Eimor Customs have cracked the code and used their talents to manifest it on a Jawa Perak. The bobber is sold in India at a price of Rs 2.09 lakh (ex-showroom) in India and is one of the very few models sold by the classic motorcycle manufacturer in the Indian market. However, the price of the bike after modification is not known.

Looking at the bike, it gets pretty obvious that the motorcycle stands out from its kin. All credit to the black paint scheme. Looking at it in detail reveals that the motorcycle has a mix of matte and gloss black paint. What makes it better is the copper-gold graphics highlighting some of the elements, like the side panel and the fuel tank of the bike.

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Furthermore, the seat of the bike is in perfect harmony with the highlights and contrasts the black paint scheme just enough. To fine-tune the paint parts of the bike, it gets bronze pinstripes.

The modifiers have equipped the single-seater bike with a custom rear rack on top of the rear wheel. The subtle rear rack adds to the look and aids the overall practicality of the motorcycle.

However, the motorcycle has got no mechanical changes. The motorcycle's 334 cc engine is still used to power it. This engine's maximum output is 30 horsepower and 32 Nm, and it is paired with a six-speed gearbox as standard. The bike continues to receive the same 14L fuel tank and a twin-sided slash-cut exhaust arrangement despite a new bespoke theme.

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