A doctor may just have demolished the 'semen balloon' story on Twitter

Throwing balloons at people without their consent is wrong. Don't throw balloons at people without their consent.

A doctor may just have demolished the 'semen balloon' story on Twitter
The allegation had sparked widespread outrage that spilled out into the real world. (Picture: Twitter)

NEW DELHI: A tweet storm by a man who seems to be a doctor has gone viral after he decided to respond to the stories of women being hit with balloons filled with semen in Delhi. His simple point - it may not be medically possible to fill a balloon with semen.

The tweet storm was put out by a Twitter handle called @Kaalatheetham. His profile picture shows the man in scrubs and a surgical cap, and the name reads 'The Good Doctor'. The bio indicates he may be from Karnataka. 

The attempt to factually refute the possibility of 'semen-filled' balloons comes after a student of South Delhi's elite Lady Sri Ram College alleged that such a balloon had been thrown at her. The issue blew up, and the National Commission for Women (NCW) had gotten involved. And, students from other colleges demonstrated in front of the Delhi Police HQ. And, not to mention the flood of hateful posts from all sides on social media.

The takedown of the 'semen balloon' theory came in response to an angry tweet by a senior journalist on the issue.

"It takes all of 5 minutes for semen to dry/solidify if it is exposed to atmosphere. That is why it is collected in specially made tubes in sperm banks," began the factual portion of the tweet storm. "A normal adult man can at best produce 5ml of semen on his first ejaculation, on subsequent ejaculations it will reduce & eventually cause dry painful ejaculations. Men do not have champagne bottle in their scrotums," he continued.



"With above knowledge it is understood that about 100+ men should ejaculate in the same balloon to fill it with semen...  Mixing any liquid including water with semen coagulates & destroys it. Arguments that semen was mixed with water or any liquid do not hold water," continues 'The Good Doctor'.

"Oh..BTW semen is stored in straws of 0.5-1ml in liquid nitrogen tanks. It is unlikely that the balloon was filled with liquid nitrogen & semen as balloon cannot hold liquid nitrogen. You really need to do some background work before tweeting gibberish," it ended.



The tweet thread has been quoted by many who have either done it solely to point out that a 'semen balloon' may not be possible or because they agreed with the political positioning. The reactions have also been generally appreciative.



"This is eye opener!!! Not just for me but for all the youngsters studying medicine at the moment. My guess is if those students would ve known already, they could be contributed and thereby saved their senior's much valuable time," responded one user.

The jury is out.