Communist Party of China

DNA Exclusive: Despite tense situation at border, India’s communists party with Chinese

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary on Thursday (July 29) discussed how the communists betrayed India by participating in a Chinese event.

Jul 29, 2021, 23:55 PM IST

Chinese President Xi Jinping to hold talks with Nepali PM KP Oli, other world leaders

China has been holding discussions with leaders and heads of government of neighboring countries and its allies on the occasion of CPC’s centenary.

Jul 05, 2021, 21:24 PM IST

DNA Exclusive: China celebrates centenary of Communist Party amid economic crisis, aggressive nationalism

Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary on Thursday (July 1) explained how the Communist Party of China is resorting to a policy of hyper-nationalism to hide the economic crisis it is going through.

Jul 01, 2021, 23:55 PM IST

The catastrophe of the century and China’s grand cover-up of COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 virus first appeared in the Wuhan province of China in late December 2019. Throughout 2020, and even now, China has justifiably been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from across the globe due to its inadequate handling of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak as well as misinformation during the initial stage of the outbreak. 

Jan 21, 2021, 21:39 PM IST

India should join hands with Taiwan and Japan to fight against Communist Party of China: Global pro-democracy activists

The campaign was launched during a webinar titled "Global Campaign for Democratic China: Uniting Against Chinese Communist Party's Repressive Regime.

Oct 02, 2020, 23:16 PM IST

How can a political party enter into an agreement with China, observes Supreme Court on Congress party pact with China's CPC

The top court asked senior lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani, appearing for PIL petitioners Shashank Shekhar Jha and journalist Savio Rodrigues, to withdraw the plea and approach the high court.

Aug 07, 2020, 19:02 PM IST

China recruiting western scientists to acquire classified defence technologies

As per analysts, the Communist Party of China (CPC) regards the US and its allies as a hostile power that is blocking the Chinese development by denying access to cutting edge technologies.

Jun 08, 2020, 16:04 PM IST

COVID-19 pandemic helps China to evolve world's largest surveillance system

On this App, the citizens will not only have to upload information about the COVID-19 infection but also about their lifestyle. 

May 28, 2020, 00:55 AM IST

China Communist Party meet's 5-point agenda: Win over coronavirus, Hong Kong's control, no GDP target, defence budget hike, economy

China's annual Parliament session commenced on Friday (May 22) at the Great Hall of People in Beijing amid coronavirus pandemic that has claimed 4,634 lives in the Communist nation where the deadly virus emerged in December 2019. 

May 23, 2020, 00:55 AM IST

China postpones annual Parliament session for first time in decades amid coronavirus outbreak

The country's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), met and approved a draft decision on postponing the NPC's annual session due to coronavirus.
The third annual session of the 13th NPC, one of China's biggest political events, was originally planned to open on March 5 in Beijing, official media reported.

Feb 24, 2020, 15:29 PM IST

Beijing could be threatening ethnic Chinese abroad to become spies: US report

A number of anti-China protests in foreign countries in recent times - especially those which seek to highlight Beijing's poor treatment of minority communities - may have perturbed officials in Beijing.

Aug 25, 2018, 11:40 AM IST

Premier Li makes unannounced visit to Tibet, claims it as 'inalienable part' of China

Li Keqiang said China is committed to supporting education of skilled workers and train more talented workers in the disputed region the country claims as its own.

Jul 29, 2018, 20:05 PM IST

China tries to make an example, gives strict punishments for those who want to quit military service

An obligation to serve two years in the military is key to getting a college education.

Apr 09, 2018, 15:00 PM IST

Bible can no longer be sold publicly in China after quiet crackdown: Reports

The Communist Party of China could be worried that there may now be more Christians than CPC members.

Apr 05, 2018, 08:49 AM IST

China brings troops guarding Indian border directly under military command

Troops that were formerly part of the armed police and managed by institutes of the State Council have now officially withdrawn from this system in a bid to fully implement the party's absolute leadership over the People's Liberation Army, and other national armed forces.

Mar 22, 2018, 11:57 AM IST

No more than 10 foreigners: Beijing cops' bizarre order to bars, restaurants during Two Sessions

The bars and restaurants that have received this verbal instruction are concentrated in a part of Beijing that is close to a number of universities, from where the Tiananmen protests originated.

Mar 15, 2018, 13:02 PM IST

China defends removing term limit for Xi's presidency

The party’s powerful Central Committee last month passed a proposal to remove the two-term cap on Chinese presidency 

Mar 04, 2018, 21:41 PM IST

China kicks off parliament season to ratify move to remove term limit for Xi Jinping

The Chinese constitution, which has been in effect since 1982, prohibits more than two terms for the president and the vice-president.

Mar 02, 2018, 20:00 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi meets delegation of Communist Party of China

Rahul Gandhi had earlier stroked a controversy when he met the Chinese ambassador in Delhi at the height of Doklam border standoff between the two countries.

Jan 05, 2018, 22:34 PM IST

Taiwan calls Chinese military drills a 'severe threat'

The Taiwanese Army said this week that China had carried out at least 20 drills with warplanes around Taiwan and Japan

Dec 26, 2017, 18:41 PM IST