China keen for reforms, to tackle corruption

China keen for reforms, to tackle corruption

Beijing: An upcoming meeting of the Communist Party of China in November will be a springboard for major national reforms and anti-corruption will be introduced, an expert said.

In a meeting Tuesday, the 25-member political bureau of the party decided that a third plenary session will be organised in Beijing to discuss major issues concerning comprehensive reforms, Xinhua reported Saturday.

It also stated that "corruption is still a common phenomenon, and the situation remains critical and complicated".

"There is no way for China to reverse or even stop the (reform) process," it said.

Chi Fulin, director of the China Institute for Reform and Development, pointed out that the discussion of reform showed the party has a profound view of the country's situation.

The meeting proposed innovation in science, technology and culture sector and reform initiative across the board.

"Besides the economic sector, the third plenary session will promote administrative reform," Chi said.

"It is quite clear that the session will map out the route for all-encompassing, deepened reform, with major breakthroughs in significant fields," Chi said.

"I believe anti-corruption measures will be introduced in the session, especially measures on fighting via an anti-corruption system and mechanism to keep power within the cage of regulations," Chi added.

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