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Non-communicable diseases have become lifestyle diseases: Dr Trehan

Last Updated: Monday, September 16, 2013 - 19:43

Shashank Verma

New Delhi: Free and healthy India was the dream of our freedom fighters. But, even after sixty seven years of independence, India is still lacking behind in terms of health. Though many health related schemes have been launched by several governments over the past six decades, but their impact is nowhere to be seen.

‘Mudda Aapka’, as part of the ‘Bharat Bhagya Vidhata’ series, discussed several major health issues faced by the nation and focused on the reach of the medical facilities in rural areas. The show basically raised the issues of privatization of hospitals and governments’ irresponsible attitude towards health issues.

The guest on the show was cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan, who presently is the chairman and managing director, Medanta. Dr Trehan showed his concern towards rising health related issues and shared his views on the steps that can help in meeting these challenges.

Dr Trehan said non-communicable diseases such as diabetes; heart attacks etc are on the rise. “Though infectious diseases are a concern, but some non-communicable diseases have become lifestyle diseases and are on the rise,” he noted.

When asked about the dream of healthy India, Dr Trehan said, “Just dreaming won’t help. Governments for the sake of votes keep on talking about health issues but never take firm steps. Our government is at fault. They should focus on practical solutions rather than just talks about their schemes.”

“The government cannot reach each and every individual in this country of 1.2 billion. We as an individual should take initiative and help the government and ourselves in fighting these diseases. Only slogans are not sufficient, their implementation shows their worthiness,” said Dr Trehan when queried regarding the difficulty faced in admitting patients at big hospitals like AIIMS.

Questioning the privatization of hospitals and profit-oriented treatments, Dr Trehan said “If one gets into profit-oriented strategies in this profession, then proper treatment cannot be served to the people”.

“People charging high price should be punished and the process of ‘Evidence Based Medicine’, i.e. tests only regarding the symptoms should be implemented in hospitals,” the noted surgeon suggested.

Praising private hospitals Dr Trehan said the reach ability of private hospitals is maximum and that they are doing a tremendous job at certain places. “We should promote private hospitals. They are at places where the government had failed to set up hospitals. But private hospitals should bring down healthcare costs,” he said.

“Mobile health care system should be implemented in remote villages so that doctors serving people too have better sanitation and good working conditions,” he advised.

Dr Trehan said that alignment of all private hospitals, NGOs and government could help a lot in improving the health of India. “We should stop being a copy cat regarding the technologies and work ourselves to meet our needs. We have many brilliant brains settled abroad due to a lack of interest by the government. Ayurveda, our own medical treatment, is lacking behind. We should promote it and gain benefit from it,” he concluded.

(The show airs on Monday @ 10pm)

First Published: Monday, September 16, 2013 - 19:42

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