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This week Bharat Bhagya Vidhata takes up the issue of safety of women in our country, and here is what people had to say about it.

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This week Bharat Bhagya Vidhata takes up the issue of safety of women, and here is what people had to say about it.

I have never felt safe. Lack of strictness is there in our law system. Corruption is the main reason why there is no guarantee of safety — Palak, Ghaziabad.

I am too scared to go alone anywhere in India. If we get into some trouble, there won’t be any cop nearby to help. Services of public transport should be increased during the night — Arathy, Dwarka.

Mumbai is much safer than Delhi. I am not satisfied with the steps taken by government for the safety of people. Laws should be followed and strict action should be taken against criminals at the earliest — Srilekha, Pune.

Security for people is only in papers, but not in reality. I feel safe on national holidays due to the security. Law and order cannot be trusted, as it can easily be manipulated by those in power —Anushweta, Vikaspuri.

As we are born in India, I sometimes feel that there is no option but to suffer. Unique identification of every person should be maintained, so each person can be traced quickly — Saransh, Dwarka.

Safety depends on the mindset, like —what we do, where we go, how we conduct ourselve sin public, etc. Change should be from within then there will be a guarantee of safety and confidence. Police patrolling should be increased in many remote areas — Srirekha, Pune.

I feel that Delhi is not at all safe as compared to other cities. High and mighty manipulate law and order and as a result there is no fear of law among criminals. Cops too are involved in many criminal cases, whom should we trust then? — Prerana, Delhi.

Despite it being the capital, it is the most unsafe place for women. After 8 pm we are safe only due to our luck and fate, and not because of the security (or the lack of it). Security is provided for the criminals, not for the common people. Government should get serious — Aanchal, Delhi

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