Beware! 6 ways by which hackers crack your Password

Here are 6 ways by which hackers crack your Password.

Beware! 6 ways by which hackers crack your Password

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: With the penetration of internet technology, cyber crime too has been on the rise. One such thing is password hacking. Hackers adopt various tactics to crack your password.

If you stay alert, you can to a huge extent your password from being hacked.

Here are 6 ways by which hackers crack your Password

Dictionary Hacking

Hackers through this technique use various permutations and combinations of dictionary words. They repetitively use the dictionary software and try various combination of words to crack your password. A report says, over 50 percent of the passwords are cracked through this process.

Brute force attack

Brute force attack A.k.a brute force cracking is a random trial and error method. Hackers randomly keep applying names and numbers to crack password through this pattern. Sometimes, a lot of guesswork is also used to decode password. Arithmetic numbers, birth date, pet's name, favourite actor's name are the password that users commonly use.


Phishing is another most commonly used tool of hackers to to acquire  usernames and passwords. Sometimes, a fake internet address is created wherein you are asked to fill in your username and password details. Hackers can easily trap those and access your sensitive data.

Spidering attack

Another hacking tool is the Spidering attack. Just as the name suggests, hackers also crawl your website like a spider and collect all the common information. Spidering attack is mostly used to collect corporate data.

Key logger attack

This hacking tool is very similar to Pishing. Usually an attachment is sent to the user via email. The moment you download the attachment, it scans through your browser. Henceforth, all the internet activity you do can be easily tracked.

Rainbow Table

It requires a good knowledge of computers to hack password through the rainbow table. It is a pre-computed table using various combination of numbers to get password. Wikipedia says, a rainbow table is a pre-computed table for reversing cryptographic hash functions, usually for cracking password hashes.


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