Gadget freaks! It's you chance to become a CEO at LeEco

Gadget freaks! It's you chance to become a CEO at LeEco

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: If you a gadgets enthusiast and enjoy exploring smartphones, then you could easily qualify to become a CEO at LeEco!

LeEco is looking for Chief Experience Officers or CEOs in India. All you would need to do is “dissect and review the brand new Le2", which you will get completely free of cost!

The company said that it will hire 200 CEOs whose primary responsibility would be to explore every aspect of the phone- from its performance, to the camera capabilities, to the new design, to eUI 5.8, and post a full-scale review of the device on LeMe Community.

And is is what LeEco is looking for in the right candidate:

- Unwavering dedication to LeEco as a company and as a concept

- Willingness to drive the best quality to LeEco’s customers and users

- Love for progressive technology in general and a passion for SuperPhones in particular

- Openness to new ideas and the ability to provide constructive feedback

- Strong language skills

- A global mindset

Interested? Apply on from the 15th of June (12pm) to the 20th of June (10am).