`Addict` Michael Jackson deflected at least 10 drug interventions from family

New York: Michael Jackson`s younger brother Randy has testified in the wrongful death lawsuit that the late singer had a secret near-overdose in 2005 and that he deflected more than a half-dozen drug interventions staged by his concerned relatives.

Randy`s videotaped testimony was played on a courtroom screen on Friday, in which he also gave a new explanation for the King of Pop`s bizarre behaviour during his 2005 molestation trial in Santa Barbara County, the New York Daily News reported.

He said that during the high-stakes criminal trial, he had to take his brother to a hospital because "he was under the influence of some drug."

According to the video testimony, the near overdose, meanwhile, came after the trial at a house in Beverly Hills called Shadow Wood.

Randy also testified that his family staged at least 10 interventions to try and get the pop star off various addictive prescription drug s.

He said that he even wrote a letter to all his family members explaining his concern that his brother was an addict.

He said his brother didn`t like the interference and would "isolate" himself, especially during the last year of his life.