HIV/AIDS escalates amongst Sri Lankan youth

 The Sri Lankan health ministry on Thursday warned that the number of HIV/AIDS cases was escalating among the youth in the island nation.

Lower drinking age linked to high school dropout rate

Amidst the calls to lower the legal age for drinking -- including in India where the permissible age is 25 -- a new study said the move could lead to high school dropout rates.

Regular use of Statins can speed up ageing

A new study has revealed that regular use of statins, heart disease drugs, might speed up ageing process and could lead to mental and physical decline.

Indian-origin scientist designs tiny 'vehicle' to drive drugs to targets

With the side-effects of therapy being one of the major stumbling blocks in advancing treatment for deadly diseases, a team of scientists, including one of Indian origin, has designed a "nanovehicle" that could drive drugs straight to their destinations - the diseased tissues - thereby sparing other healthy organs from any unintended effects.

Anti-diabetic drug-risk knowledge gap highlighted

A new study has highlighted a possible gap in scientific knowledge about a family of drugs that are used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

No leniency to those involved in narcotics business: Delhi court

 No leniency should be shown to those involved in narcotics business which should be dealt with firm hands, a Delhi court observed as it sent two convicts to prison for 12 and six years.

New drug approach can curb antibiotic resistance

A team of researchers from Virginia Institute of Technology has discovered a new group of antibiotics that may provide relief to people affected by antibiotic resistance.

BSF recovers heroin worth Rs.30 crore in Punjab

Border Security Force (BSF) troopers recovered six kg of heroin along the India-Pakistan border in the Amritsar sector, a BSF official said on Sunday.

Isha Handa case: She planned her own suicide
Isha Handa case: She planned her own suicide

In a shocking twist to the Bangalore death of a 26-year-old theatre person named Isha Handa, it has now come to light that the girl actually researched on the internet to find the perfect way of committing a suicide.

New method for targeted drug delivery to lung

Treatments of many lung diseases could soon be a lot more effective as researchers have developed a new method that can target delivery of very small volumes of drugs into the lung.

India drugmaker stocks exception in Asian rout

Continued strength in the dollar when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates will also boost their income. More than 40 percent of over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs sold in the United States come from India.

Are surgical care products posing a risk to your health?

53 samples were taken for testing across hospitals, out of which, four products seem to have failed the test.

Heroin worth Rs 20 cr seized from border area in Punjab

Security forces have seized four packets of heroin, estimated worth Rs 20 crore in international market, in Ferozepur sector along the International Border in the wee hours on Monday.

Sheena murder: Police recover suitcase, was Mikhail Indrani's next target?

According to sources, Mikhail Bora was believed to be Indrani Mukerjea's next target in 2012 and police have recovered a suitcase which was allegedly meant for disposing his body after killing him.

Sheena murder mystery: 10 recent developments

Here are the ten latest news about the Sheena murder mystery!

Indrani 'slow-poisoned' Sheena, wanted to portray Mikhail as 'mentally unstable'?

Indrani 'slow-poisoned' Sheena, wanted to portray Mikhail as 'mentally unstable'?

Sun, Wockhardt recall drugs from US market

Sun Pharma and Wockhardt have separately initiated voluntary recall of a number of drugs from the US market due to different reasons.

3D-printed 'microfish' to help deliver drugs soon

Using an innovative 3D printing technology, nanoengineers at the University of California-San Diego have developed fish-shaped microrobots that can soon help deliver drugs efficiently to the targeted areas in the human body.

US judge orders temporary halt to Mississippi executions

A federal judge has temporarily blocked the state of Mississippi from using two drugs in executions, shutting down the death penalty in the state for now.