Having difficulty in waking up your woman? Serve her coffee!

London: A study has suggested that the best way to wake up women is coffee.

According to the study, British women are most likely to be woken by the scent of coffee while their men say the smell of a fry-up is the best aroma to help to get them out of bed to face the day.

Overall, the whiff of coffee will kick-start 26 percent of us into life.

But 27 percent of men say the smell of eggs, bacon, sausages and fried bread wafting from the kitchen is the enticement they need to get going first thing in the morning.

Twenty-three percent of women also say the scent of a zingy shower gel is the best thing to blow the cobwebs away.

Other scents that awaken the senses first thing in the morning include the smell of cut grass drifting indoors, favoured by 11 per cent of people. Ten per cent say the odour of freshly baked bread is the one they most like to wake up to.

And a romantic five percent say the scent of their partner rouses them from sleep. With more than a fifth of people struggling to get up in the mornings, experts say enlivening smells may help them to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

“This research shows beyond doubt that the scents we traditionally associate with the morning are the ones that act as the best wake-up stimulants,” the Daily Express quoted Phil Atherton, sales and marketing director at bedding firm Slumberdown, which carried out the study, as saying.

He said: “Our sense of smell is very powerful and can have a dramatic effect on our mood and behaviour.

“Certain smells can brighten our mood and lift our spirits, so it is interesting to find out which smells make the nation feel most awake and alert each morning.

“For those of us who struggle to wake up fully once we get out of bed, maybe these scents could be the solution to our problem,” he added.


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