Intel pledges $125 mn for start-ups that back women, minorities

Following up on its earlier pledge to spend $300 million over the next five years to improve diversity, Intel Corp promised more on Tuesday, this time to back companies with women and minorities in leadership roles.

Single women demand pension, greater access to govt schemes

Demanding adequate social security measures for them including pension and better access to government entitlements, scores of single women from different parts of the country have descended here for a two-day meeting starting Wednesday.

When women succeed, America succeeds: Obama

The US President, father of two teenage daughters, pledged to tear down all barriers that deny women equal opportunity, in his proclamation issued yesterday to declare August 26 as the Women`s Equality day.

Maid raped, murdered by employers in UP district

A 24-year-old woman, working as a housemaid here, was allegedly raped and murder by her employers when she demanded her cumulative salary of past five years, amounting to Rs 1.80 lakh, police said on Saturday.

`Women seeking anti-ageing therapy to treat menopausal symptoms`

More US women are seeking hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms from anti-ageing clinicians, feeling that conventional doctors do not take their suffering seriously, according to a new study.

Risky situations fuel anxiety among women

Risky situations in any setting increases anxiety among women, leading them to perform worse under stressed circumstances, finds a new study.

Vitamin D deficiency in women affects conceiving through IVF

A new study has suggested that women with lack of Vitamin D were nearly half as likely to conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF) as compared to women who had sufficient levels of the vitamin.

Computers to help cops to respond to women`s distress calls: Govt

Government will introduce an integrated computerized system through which efficiency of police vehicles to distress calls by women in 114 cities will be improved using GPS technology, Rajya Sabha was told on Wednesday.

Suicide bombers put women under suspicion in Nigeria`s Kano

Women in north Nigeria`s largest city Kano are abandoning their traditional religious dress after a spate of suicide bombings by young girls with explosives under their hijab.

Women players threaten to sue FIFA over artificial playing surfaces for 2015 WC

Dozens of top female football players alleging gender discrimination have reportedly threatened to sue FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association over artificial playing surfaces planned to be used for the 2015 Women`s World Cup in Canada.

Clerics in Pak town ban women from going out without male kin

Reminiscent of Taliban rule in neighbouring Afghanistan, a group of clerics in Pakistan`s northwestern tribal region has barred women from venturing out of their homes without a male relative, warning that the violators would be fined and socially boycotted.

Porn viewing puts women at cybersex addiction risk

Women who regularly visit pornography sites on internet are at a greater risk of developing cybersex addiction, says a significant study.

Men more prone to brain tumors than women

A new study has explained why brain tumors occurred more often in males and regularly are more damaging than similar tumors in females.

It's official! Men are biggest liars

A new study has recently revealed that men lie more than women.

Roadside bomb kills three women, wounds seven in Somali capital

Three women were killed in the Somali capital on Sunday, and seven others were wounded when a remotely detonated bomb exploded in a busy market, police and witnesses said.

Pakistan acid attacks on women cast pall of fear

A recent spate of acid attacks in a region of Pakistan previously untouched by the crime has sparked an impassioned debate about rising Islamisation that is forcing an increasing number of women to stay at home.

UN body concerned about impact of Gaza violence on women

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Friday expressed its deep concern about the impact of the ongoing Gaza conflict on women`s health and access to safe births.

`Eliminating misogyny` key to shaking up Japan`s workforce: UNDP chief

Japan must work to "eliminate misogyny" if it wants to draw more women into the workforce as part of a wider bid to stimulate the economy, said the head of the United Nations Development Programme.

Girls` puberty age depends on which parent`s `imprinted gene` they carry

A new study has found that the puberty age of girls largely depends on which of the two parents` `imprinted` genes they have.

Saudi Arabia allows women to participate in municipal polls

A new law that allows women in Saudi Arabia to vote and contest in municipal elections has come into force, a media report said Wednesday.

Gang-rape victim attempts self-immolation outside DC office

A 40-year-old alleged victim of gang rape today tried to immolate herself in front of the District Collector`s office here alleging inaction by the police force.

Heart attacks kill younger women faster than men: Study

Aakriti Gupta, an Indian-origin researcher at the Yale School of Medicine, has found that women have longer hospital stays and are more likely than men to die in the hospital after a heart attack.

Women`s participation in workforce is half of men: Govt

The participation of women in the workforce is less than half of men, government told the Lok Sabha on Monday.

Law and order situation "not good" in UP: Smriti Irani

Expressing dismay over the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh, Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani today asked the Akhilesh Yadav government to pay special attention towards the security of women and children.

5 things your boyfriend would never tell you

So you thought only girls hide things from their boyfriends – the truth is that men too are quite secretive to a lot of things. Especially things that embarrass him. There are quite a few secrets that men would rather take to their graves than share with you – but worry not. We are here to let you in some of the things they refuse to admit.

Maharashtra: 500 home guards to provide security to women in local trains

Five hundred home guards personnel will be deployed for security of women commuters on suburban trains in Mumbai, Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil said here on Friday.

Food strikes obese women with learning impairment

In what could result in specific behavioural interventions to treat obesity, researchers have found that obese women are better able to identify cues that predict monetary rewards than those that predict food rewards.

Pregnancy loss ups heart disease risk

Women with a history of pregnancy loss are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease later in life than other women, says a study.

Women v/s stereotypes

Some of our best beliefs about women are working against them, finds Averil Nunes

Congress, BSP slam Akhilesh Yadav govt for slashing funds to women`s commission

The Congress and the BSP slammed the Akhilesh Yadav government in Uttar Pradesh for downsizing the budget allocation for state women`s commission when it has money for buying two seven-seater Mercedes cars and two Land Cruiser SUVs.