Men not much drawn to grooming products

London: While there are a lot of personality grooming products available for men in today`s market, not too many men seem to be using them in their daily life, a study has indicated.

A survey in Britain has found that despite the growth of all manner of male grooming products, one in five men admits to never using deodorant or any other kind of body spray, Daily Mail reported.

The same proportion - perhaps the very same people - say they don`t ever wash their hair with shampoo, while three out of ten reject shower gel.

Leaving aside the hardcore of stubborn deodorant-dodgers, however, the survey of 1,000 men suggests that for most a grooming routine has become a way of life. Instead, most keep clean because it makes them feel good, gives them greater confidence and will help them get ahead in life.

The study by market researchers SPA Future Thinking also found that being attractive to the opposite sex was not the primary motive.


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