People worry more about money than health

London: A survey has revealed that almost a third of people consider financial well-being to be their utmost matter of concern, rather than physical well-being.

The financial concerns include worries about not being able to make ends meet, sinking into further debt, a friend or family member having money problems and the possibility of sinking into a double-dip recession.

According to the Hopes And Fears survey, health came in second place, with 23 percent saying they were concerned about their own wellbeing or that of family members.

Opinium Research, which carried out the study and involved 2,023 UK adults, said this was an about-turn from six months ago, when health was the biggest concern in its research and finance came second.

“What is alarming is the number of different financial concerns that now top people’s worries, demonstrating that consumers do not see an end in sight for these fiscal troubles,” the Mirror quoted James Endersby, managing director of Opinium Research, as saying.

“The fact that more people are now scared of money problems over health problems for themselves really paints a picture on where people’s minds are, ” Endersby added.


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