The awkward moment during Obama`s toast to Queen

Updated: May 25, 2011, 21:01 PM IST

Washington: An awkward moment took place when President Barack Obama stood up to raise a toast to the Queen.

While the president spoke he took a pause, which the orchestra misunderstood as a signal from the President for ‘God Save the Queen’ to begin playing.

"Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast, To her majesty the Queen," the Politico quoted Obama as saying before putting down his note cards and grabbing his glass.

Then the President continued, ‘The vitality’ and that`s when the familiar tune `My Country `Tis of Thee` began to play.

However, the President kept going and finally said, ‘To the Queen’, as he lifted his glass to her who smiled a bit uncomfortably.

But because the song was playing, no one drank from his or her glass, including the president, who put his glass down on the table.

Then once the song was over, everyone raised a glass.