Obama urges Iraqis to unite because `the wolf``s at the door`

US President Barack Obama urged Iraqis on Monday to quickly form an inclusive government to unite against Islamic militants, warning "the wolf`s at the door" and that US airstrikes can only accomplish so much.

US military operation limited in scope and duration: Obama

The American military operation in parts of Iraq against the Islamic State terrorists is "limited in scope and duration", US President Barack Obama has informed the Congress.

Obama sending Kerry to Cairo for talks: White House

President Barack Obama expressed concern over the loss of life in Gaza in a call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday, and said Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Cairo to seek an end to the fighting.

Iran`s supreme leader reveals demands in nuclear talks

Iran`s supreme leader revealed Tuesday his country`s demands for a massive long-term increase in its nuclear enrichment capability, laying bare huge gaps between Tehran and world powers negotiating a deal.

Obama worst US President since World War II: Poll

Barack Obama is the worst US President since World War II, 33 per cent of Americans have said in a new poll released today which gave negative grades for him for his handling of key issues like the economy, foreign policy, terrorism, heatlhcare and environment.

Obama hopes for Pacific trade deal by November

US President Barack Obama said Friday he hopes to have an agreement on framing a vast pan-Pacific trading block by the time he makes his next visit to Asia in November.

Iran says Obama lacks will to combat terrorism in Iraq

US President Barack Obama lacks "serious will" to combat terrorism, a top Iranian official said today after an Iraqi appeal for American airstrikes went unanswered.

`Made in America` brand stronger than ever: Obama

US President Barack Obama today said that the "Made in America" brand is stronger than ever, which he attributed to his successful export strategy for American goods and services.

Kerry denies Obama has been too passive in Iraq

Secretary of State John Kerry is brushing aside criticism of Obama administration Middle East policy, taking exception to assertions Washington has been doing too little to combating the surge of terrorism there.

Underwent "trial run" for daughter`s graduation event: Obama

US President Barack Obama has undergone a "trial run" to avoid "choking up and crying" during the graduation ceremony of his eldest daughter Malia, due in two years.

Immigration reform not impossible: Obama

Rejecting the opinion that immigration reform is impossible, US President Barack Obama has urged the Congress to pass the legislation in this regard which when signed into law would pave the way for citizenship to some 11 million undocumented people.

When Obama forcibly entered secret Sino-India-SA-Brazil meet

At the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009, US President Barack Obama forced himself into a room where the then Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was holding a secret meeting with the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other leaders.

Crack down on Chinese currency manipulation: Senators to Obama

Ahead of the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, two top American Senators have asked President Barack Obama to take immediate and necessary actions to crack down on currency manipulation.
In order to protect American jobs and ensure the competitiveness of US manufacturers, Senators Sherrod Brown and Jeff Sessions called for the Administration to support the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act.

Obama congratulates Israel`s new President-elect

Washington: US President Barack Obama has congratulated Reuven Rivlin on his election as the next President of Israel.
"Over more than six decades, the United States and Israel have developed a unique relationship based on shared democratic values, our unshakable commitment to Israel`s security, and our partnership in scientific research and innovative technology," Obama said in a statement yesterday.

Destroying Al Qaeda significant foreign policy achievement: WH

Ending Iraq war, "winding down" in Afghanistan and destroying al Qaeda are some of the significant foreign policy achievement of the Obama Administration, the White House has said.

Obama calls on Russia to call off militants in eastern Ukraine

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday called on Russia to pressure separatists to stop attacking government forces in eastern Ukraine and to prevent the flow of fighters and weapons into the region.

Obama to unveil new carbon emission limits

US President Barack Obama is poised to unveil sweeping new limits on carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.

Clinton defends response to Benghazi

Hillary Rodham Clinton defended her response to the deadly 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, writing in her new book that she will "not be part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans."

Obama to meet New Zealand PM

US President Barack Obama will meet New Zealand Prime Minister John Key next month at the White House over bilateral and regional issues, the White House said Monday.

US-Philippines launch war games after Obama pledge

Thousands of American and Philippine troops launched large annual exercises today after US President Barack Obama vowed "ironclad" backing for its Asian ally, locked in a tense maritime row with China.