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Last Updated: Mar 17, 2011, 13:53 PM IST

Holi is the festival of fun and fervour with very little religious connotations. This is the reason why it is celebrated with so much of enthusiasm throughout the world not just by Hindus, but also by the people of other religions. It is a time when people break all their inhibitions and play with the innocence of kids.

Across the world wherever Indians or people of Indian origin are present Holi is celebrated with lots of pleasure and zest. People play with colours, light a bonfire called Holika and celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Just as in India, people settled abroad meet their friends and exchange sweets, gifts and greetings. Of course, the fun is no less when it comes to playing with colours.


With a sizable population of Indians settled in the United States, Holi is celebrated with gaiety and lot of elaboration in this country.

Holi meets and cultural programmes are organized and get together, parties and music concerts mark the celebrations.

Holi Meets are also organised by them to mark the occasion. These meets help the new generation to identify with their cultural root. Children learn to understand the significance of celebrating festivals and know legends associated with them.

Here Holi parades are taken out where people can be seen playing with colours sans all inhibitions.


In UK, the celebrations of Holi are seen overwhelmingly at places with a large population of Indians. The British city of Leicester is chiefly known for its love for celebrating Holi. The joyous festival is marked with festive social gatherings and exchange of sweets and pleasantries. People enjoy the day by smearing colours on each other and playing with water, just as it is done in India.


The Indians in South Africa play with colours and celebrate Holi just the way we do in India. They sing songs, which is a major part of the celebrations. People exchange gifts and greetings. The evenings are spent in organizing parties, meeting friends and acquaintances.