Farming provides new perspectives to cinema: Mangesh Hadawale

Updated: Apr 04, 2013, 15:42 PM IST

New Delhi: Director Mangesh Hadawale, whose upcoming movie ‘Dekh Indian Circus’ has won four National awards this year, says juggling filmmaking and farming provides him unique perspectives to look at cinema.

"I believe every filmmaker and actor or creative person should do farming because it makes us human beings. Otherwise, we start believing in our cinema image and we tend to move away from our realities," Hadawale said.

"When I go to my buffaloes I can`t tell them I have won 72 awards or I can`t go to my fields with the same thought. They always treat me the same. Whenever I go to Mumbai after farming I am totally fresh and my hard disk is completely rebooted. Farming also, provides new perspectives to look at issues," he said.

Hadawale, 32, spends 20-days a month in Mumbai pursuing his passion of film making while the remaining 10-days are solely dedicated to his farms in Rajuri village of Pune district.

He earlier made Marathi-film ‘Tingya’, story of rural boy`s love and friendship for his bull. The child prodigy Sharad Geokar, who played the role of rural boy won National Film Award for Best Child Artist in 2008.

His upcoming film ‘Dekh Indian Circus’, shot in Jaisalmer is set in the backdrop of state elections during which a circus arrives in a nearby town and children of a rural Indian family fantasise about watching it.
The film is set to release in August.

Hadawale said he has used the metaphor of `Circus` to chronicle the struggles of a rural family, who are chasing the dream of educating their two children.

"I got the story line of the film from a real life incident. I was in Pune for my first film when I saw two young kids going to Kelkar museum while the mother was standing outside. I thought the mother is sacrificing for her children," Hadawale said.

"When I offered to pay for her ticket I realised that she was the maid and was out to meet her lover. The incident struck me and I weaved my story along the incident," he said.

"Dekh Indian Circus" has won four national awards for Best Children`s Film, Best Child Actor, Best Actor Jury and Best Actor Jury Female.

The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tannishtha Chatterjee, who have won the best actor and actress awards respectively for the movie at the 12th annual New York Indian Film Festival.

"Tannishtha is method actress while Nawazuddin is like a crocodile, who saves his energy and seems to saving his energy but as soon as you say `action` he attacks you and surprise you with your remarkable acting skills," Hadawale said.

The film has also won the coveted `Audience Choice` award at 16th Busan Film Festival.

The director is currently scripting his next film but refused to divulge into its details but he now wants to make a film without children. He said he wants to make `Raj Kapoor` type films.