Sambhal: Man asks fellow farmers to take up organic farming

A man reaches out his fellow farmers and asks them take up Organic Farming rather than practicing the old and less effective traditional farming. Watch the full video to know more.

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First European farmers came from Anatolia

When farming spread throughout Europe some 8,000 years ago, Anatolia, in present day Turkey, functioned as a hub, spreading genes and the new ideas westward, says a new study.

Three young farmers of Mukhtasar provide new insight to farmers

Three young farmers of Mukhtsar have become the inspiration to the other farmers of Punjab by cultivating strawberries in their fields.

Millet bridged gap between hunter-gathering and farming

Millet bridged gap between hunter-gathering and farming

The significance of millet is not just in transforming our understanding of our prehistoric past.

Meet MBA-turned farmer Amit Kumar from Katihar, Bihar!

If you think farming is all about ploughing the field clad in a dhoti and eating packed lunch under a tree, think again. Amit Kumar is one such farmer who has studied MBA from a recognized university and also earned 8lakh per annum in a private job.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui urges people to help farmers

Nawazuddin Siddiqui urges people to help farmers

Known for delivering scintillating performances in Bollywood films, Nawaz has asked people to join him and donate to help the farmers in the country.

Study highlights key hindrances to organic farming

The study noted that 95.5 per cent consumers are aware of ill effects of chemical-based agricultural products while 88.6 per cent consumers feel organic products are better than chemical based.

China to promote e-commerce

China will promote e-commerce for the farming and agriculture sector, according to an action plan released on Friday.

No bride for suitors in this Gujarat village because of polluted water

No one wants to marry their girls and send them to Gujarat's Chausar village because of polluted water.

DNA: When will India's dependency on rain end?

DNA: India is an agrarian country, and even after numerous technological innovations, its dependency on rain continues.

Mathura to be declared 'Goshala Kshetra': Divisional Commissioner

Aimed at protecting cows and to boost organic farming in the region, Agra Divisional Commissioner Pradip Bhatnagar said Mathura would soon be declared a 'Goshala Kshetra' (cow-shelter region).

Farming is a risky business in India, says expert

According to experts, farming has become a woman’s domain in India as male members of the family do not find it rewarding enough.

Chief Election Commissioner plans to start farming after retirement

Chief Election Commissioner Hari Shankar Brahma on Tuesday said he will take up farming in his home state Assam after his retirement next month.

Punjab to set up Organic Farming Board

Punjab government on Monday said it will set up an Organic Farming Board for promoting chemical-free farming in the state.

Heavy toll as Australian farmers struggle through drought

 On the road to Walgett a sign welcomes visitors: "Farming is not a way of life, it keeps everyone alive." But with drought taking a heavy toll on the region, farming has become a battle for survival.

Odisha budget focuses on infra, education and farming

The Odisha government today presented Rs 84,487.77-crore budget for 2015-16 that focuses on infrastructure, education and agriculture.

X-Rays help farmers boost yields, cut pollution

X-Rays help farmers boost yields, cut pollution

Researchers are using X-rays to help farmers increase yields and cut water pollution following an unexpected discovery in pea and bean crop.

Farmers will benefit if land acquisition for corporates is minimised: CJI

Expressing concerns for the marginalised and small farmers in the country, the Chief Justice of India HL Dattu on Saturday said it would be "immensely helpful" for agricultural community if state governments could minimise acquiring and handing over farm land to corporates even as he stressed for "fair" compensation to agriculturists.

Chinese scientist claims a new rice production record

Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping, known as "the father of hybrid rice", has claimed to have achieved a new record for hybrid rice production.