Priyanka returns as ‘Junglee Billi’ in Don 2

Dubai: Priyanka Chopra is again the ‘Junglee Billi’ in Don 2, and she loves playing ‘Roma’ because of the role’s love-hate relationship with the title character.

In the first ‘Don’ film, Roma had fallen in love with Vijay, the good guy, only to find it was actually Don at the end. She had vowed revenge towards him for killing her family but he managed to give her the slip in the end.

“I am Don’s Junglee Billi, but also a cop who’s after his life. The most interesting part in this film for me is the relationship between Roma and Don because that’s evolved tremendously,” Gulf News quoted her as saying.

According to Chopra, even Don and Roma don’t know what they want.

“Roma hates him. He betrayed her. Four years later she trains to be a cop and her only ambition in life is to catch this guy who killed her brother and sister-in-law and made her fall in love with him and then left her. So it’s a warped relationship between Roma and Don,” she added.

On Don’s feelings for Roma she says, “Roma is, as he says, ‘his bad habit’”.

“He’s not sure if he loves her or hates her and even I don’t understand that even though I’m playing the character,” she said.

“And that’s what makes it interesting. There are strings that bind them yet they can’t stand each other,” she added.


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