`Anna don’t take Indian janta for granted`

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Controversial actor and TV reality show contestant Kamaal Rashid Khan has slammed Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. The motor mouth took to Twitter to express his opinion and was quite blunt in his tweets. He is of the opinion that Anna’s followers are blindly following him and so the 74 year old crusader against corruption should not take the public’s relentless support for granted.

He wrote, "Aam janta is supporting Anna so he should not take them granted. He should not abuse jantaa. Janta is Bhagwan (Indian public is God)."

He did not even spare the conglomeration of people at the Ramlila Maidan in the capital. He took a dig at the crowds by saying, "Ye lo ji Anna ji ke shoes chori ho Gaye. Kiran bedi ka kisee ne purse maar liya. Ramleela maidan main hi corruption. Wah wah. (Anna’s shoes have been stolen. Somebody has stolen Kiran Bedi’s purse. There is corruption even in Ramlila Maidan).”

Khan also criticised Anna for accusing voters of voting in exchange of money. He wrote, "Anna ji it is not fair if you say tat India ki jantaa sharaab peekar and paise lekar vote daaltey hain. India ki janta fakir nahi hai sir (India’s people drink and vote when they are paid to do so. Indians are not beggars Sir)."