Aamir Khan not in favour of Sanjay Dutt`s parole?

Updated: Feb 28, 2014, 18:31 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau:

Mumbai: Sanjay Dutt`s parole extension has brought forward more criticism for the star from his own fraternity. On being asked about Sanjay Dutt`s parole extension, superstar Aamir Khan said that no special treatment should be given to anyone.

A leading daily reported the `Dhoom 3` star saying that if anyone is responsible for discrimination, serious action should be taken against him. And since everyone is equal in eyes of law, all should get the same treatment.

Not only Aamir but senior actor Nana Patekar also stated that he won`t watch Dutt`s movies and doesn`t even want to work with him in future. Whatever be the governments decision, it`s his way of boycotting Dutt.

It seems sad that people sharing the same profession with Sanjay are not with him today. But the recent parole extensions have left the people wondering whether he is being given preferential treatment or not.

On Tuesday, Bombay High court questioned the jail authorities about repeatedly granting parole to Sanjay Dutt and has asked about all the papers based on which the parole was extended .

What remains to be seen is whether this statement of Aamir will effect the relationship between the supporters of the two?