‘Aashiqui’ girl Anu Agarwal resurfaces in Mumbai!

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2011, 19:22 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Remember that tall, svelte, dusky beauty Anu Verghese from ‘Aashiqui’? Yes, we are talking about Anu Agarwal, who kissed stardom in early 90s and then suddenly disappeared from B-Town.

Apparently, Anu was struck with a terrible tragedy which left her personally and professionally scarred forever. It was rumoured that Anu met with a major road accident that not only disfigured her face but also broke her emotionally. Off the record, it is believed that one fine day, Anu was travelling early morning after a party when her car was intercepted by some ruffians, who physically assaulted and molested her.

Anu was emotionally distraught by this personal tragedy and all of a sudden left Bollywood. Few years ago, Anu was spotted as a yoga instructor in an American health center.

Even though the actress keeps making a dash between Bangalore and Mumbai, she has no inclination to join Bollywood.