Alba, husband travel in coach while kids travel first class

Los Angeles: Actress Jessica Alba and Cash Warren jetted to New York slumming it in coach, while their nanny and kids lapped up the luxury in first class.

The 31-year-old and her brood boarded a Virgin America flight to JFK, shocking the fellow passengers when she and her husband settled into coach seats, while their nanny and two kids, Honor Marie and Haven Garner, rested comfortably in first class with the hired help, reported Radar Online.

"Everyone was doing a double take, seeing Jessica Alba sitting in coach, while her kids and nanny were in first class," a passenger on the said.

Alba and Warren, who were sitting in the first bulkhead row of coach, were still close enough to the kids to spend some quality time with them though.

"Cash was such a doting dad, walking Haven up and down the aisle during the flight. It was really cute." the passenger added.