Alicia Silverstone puts up video of herself feeding son mouth to mouth

London: Alicia Silverstone posted a video online which shows the actress feeding her son mouth-to-mouth.

The 35-year-old put up the video on her blog to show a novel way of feeding her little one, Bear.

Silverstone can be seen in the footage chewing food then spitting it into the mouth of her 10-month-old.

She explained the feeding process in a post on her healthy lifestyle blog, The Kind Life, the Telegraph reported.

“I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum!” she wrote.

“I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup… from my mouth to his.

“It’s his favorite...and mine. He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating,” she added.