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All about Ruchira Mittal

Ruchira says it’s her belief that The Tarot chooses you to be its reader, interpreter. She had no idea she had ‘the gift’, until someone presented her with a brand new pack of the Rider Waite Tarot cards, almost 25 years ago. “I held the cards in my hands, and I felt their energy”, says Ruchira, eyes twinkling with the passion of an inspired student of The Tarot.

The Tarot is not on a single plane—the two-dimensional face that you see on the surface. There are layers upon layers of messages embedded in that loaded deck of 78 cards. “The cards have a life of their own and they never cease to amaze me, surprise me, with the kinds of answers they throw up,” says Ruchira.

The entire cosmic code of karma, fate, destiny is laid out on the faces of the cards—the past, the present, the future. They are all here to see.

If the reader is truly evolved and her cards are charged right, there is no question that The Tarot cannot answer. With an honest heart and unquestioned devotion, the reader asks the cards to reveal the truth to her. Such is the power of The Tarot.

“I’m grateful The Tarot chose me”, says Ruchira.

An English (honours) graduate of the Delhi University, Ruchira is a housewife and proud mother of two wonderful children. She is also an experienced writer and a teacher of acclaim. She has been teaching communication and life skills to students of all ilk and age.


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