Amy looked peaceful and beautiful in her coffin, says grieving mum Janis

London: Amy Winehouse’s mother Janis has opened up about her heartbreaking moment when she realised that her daughter will never wake up again.

When Janis’ partner Richard broke the news that her singer daughter had been found dead, she found it impossible to believe it could be true. However, she garnered the strength to go to a coroner’s office in London to see her “precious baby” one last time.

“It was only then, when I looked at Amy’s body, that it dawned on me she’d gone. She looked peaceful, at rest, beautiful,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“But as I gazed at her, Amy aged nine flashed into my head. When she was young I’d scream at the bottom of the stairs, calling for her to get up for school. ‘Amy wake up! Amy wake up!’ I’d shout. No answer.

“I’d run up and find her asleep. She was impossible to wake up. Now she wouldn’t wake again. She was gone. It was my moment of final acceptance. The time to say goodbye,” she added.

Janis also ensured that Amy had her trademark look in her coffin.

“It was Amy’s curtain call. As a family we’d decided Amy’s funeral should be a party – a celebration of her amazing life,” she said.

So before Amy was put in her coffin, two of her assistants made sure her make-up was perfect, put her famous black beehive wig on her head and dressed her in a short yellow dress.


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