Angelina Jolie `open` to having more kids

London: Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie may find "motherhood tiring" but that has not discouraged her from expanding her rainbow family.

The actress, who raises six children with partner Brad Pitt, has adopted three children from three different nations besides her three biological kids.

Jolie says she would love to expand her family at some point of time but right now she has no concrete plan, reported a website.

"I don`t know, no plans at the moment. But we`re always open," she said about the possibility of more kids in the future.

The 35-year-old actress spoke about her family rule which demands neither parent to work at the same time to ensure that someone is always with the kids.

"I`m very, very lucky where I have a career where it seems like I`m busy but I work for a few months and then have months off. My schedule is not as demanding as some mothers across the world have two or three jobs and no help so mine is not as difficult.

"And Brad is an extremely hands-on, wonderful father and we take turns working so when I was shooting `The Tourist` he was home with the kids and helping them with school. We never work at the same time and we never separate the family," Jolie said.