Arnie’s guards deny covering up his extramarital affairs

Updated: May 26, 2011, 13:28 PM IST

Washington: It has emerged that Arnold Schwarzenegger`s California Highway Patrol guards have denied reports that they helped cover up his extramarital affairs.

"I can say without a shadow of a doubt as a supervisor of his protective detail that at no time did I see Governor Schwarzenegger say or do anything that could be deemed inappropriate," a website quoted retired CHP Sergeant Mark Hammond, who was with Arnold constantly for 7 years, as saying.

"As a supervisor, if anything had occurred, I would have been notified, even if it was technically off the record on his private time," he added.

Retired CHP officer Manny Trevino also denied the cover-up allegations and said, "I never witnessed the Governor acting in a less than honorable manner."

Schwarzenegger has hired pitbull attorney Marty Singer who said that his client "will take responsibility for his actions and deserves the public and media criticism" but also said that the CHP cover-up story is completely fabricated.