At 49, Ralph Fiennes enjoys younger fan base

Los Angeles: Thanks to his role of Lord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" franchise, actor Ralph Fiennes has attracted the younger generation to his fan base.

The 49-year-old thinks it is "amazing" that so many young people have developed an interest in his career after he played the boy wizard`s nemesis in the movie series.

"It was an amazing thing to play Voldemort and to have so many younger people be curious now about what `Voldemort` is going to do next is great. When doing `The Tempest` on stage in London last year, so many `Harry Potter` fans came to see the show. I had no idea when I took on the part what a ride it was going to be," quoted him as saying.

Fiennes credited the movie series` director David Yates for pushing him hard in his performance as Voldemort.

"David Yates would never let us move on from a moment unless he felt a proper density of performance going on. He was quite persistent in making sure we get everything out of a scene. Definitely," he said.

The actor urged people interested in pursing acting as a career to give it a go, believing they will learn quickly whether they would succeed or not.

"If you feel this real hunger to do it, then you must do it. And quickly you will know if it works or if it doesn`t," he told Elle magazine.


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