Ayda Field walked down the aisle with 8 dogs as bridesmaids!

London: Robbie Williams’s new bride Ayda Field broke the traditional norms as she walked down the aisle – with the couple’s eight dogs as bridesmaids.

The pets, which wore collars of flowers for the big day, took pride of place as singer Robbie and actress Ayda tied the knot at his Los Angeles home.

Robbie, who had no best man, said they had axed normal wedding day conventions.

"The only thing that’s traditional is the vows. No hen party, no bachelor party, no wedding showers," the Sun quoted him as saying.

Ayda, 31, added: "Our doggies are taking the bridesmaid roles! I was originally thinking little bow ties for them but instead they’re going to each have flower collars."

They included Rudy the German shepherd, a bull mastiff called Duke, Sid the wolfhound and Rottweiler Missy.