Big B misses personal touch of hand written notes, letters

New Delhi: Amitabh Bachchan may be an avid blogger and in tune with latest technological advancements -- yet the megastar misses the charm of hand-written notes and wonders how computer has eliminated pen and paper from our lives.

"There is a great joy in opening up an ignored cupboard or drawer to find letters or documents and papers that have been left with time," Big B posted on his blog

"And one of the most time consuming aspects is that you get down to reading them and recollecting those moments gone by or associations long neglected. An old school photograph, a letter from a classmate, some personal parents’ observations, a card of greeting, a document of the good old times. Such a pleasure to read them and reminisce.

"And there never really is a system where you can put them away safely and in order, so that were you to wish reaching out to them again it would not be such a long process. But we never get down to it.

"Putting it away in specific ornate boxes, gives it a formality that you do not wish to associate with. So best to leave it folded in that torn envelope, crushed and crumpled through time, but still bearing the smell of its time of delivery. Fascinating," he added.

The 68-year-old, who often discusses about latest technologies on his blog, rues how the personal touch is missing these days, thanks to the computer and mobile phones.

"Nowadays. It`s storing or putting in drafts on the computer or a file in documents or desktop and clicking them open through a machine!! Somewhere, that personal touch has disappeared. The typed form does not bear any resemblance to the hand written note, smudged ink and perhaps soiled fingers!," he posted.

"That pleasure of opening up a letter and reading a physical form in your hands has simply gone. And I wonder sometimes if it shall ever return. The very best that we do today is to store and save our mobile messages as much as the memory can take it. Then you transfer it to the base computer and hope the damn machine doesn`t crash and makes you lose all your information stored. We live in precarious times," he added.


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