Bob Geldof’s daughter, Peaches caught shoplifting £70 of make-up

London: Sir Bob Geldof’s daughter has been caught stealing 70 pounds worth of make-up from Boots - a popular shop in UK.

The store detective followed her, as she blatantly loaded nearly 70-pound worth of mascara, foundation and eyeliner into her pockets and shopping bags.

She was seized as she tried to stroll casually out the door and was taken to a back room where she was forced to hand back her haul of cosmetics.

But instead of calling police, the staff allowed her go.

Previously, Peaches, 22, has been involved in four ‘shoplifting’ cases as well but this is the first time she has been caught red-handed.

A customer at the Central London shop, who witnessed her stealing on Friday evening, said she did not even appear embarrassed or apologetic when she was collared, the Mirror reported.


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