Bollywood gets sentimental for Sachin Tendulkar!

New Delhi: As Sachin Tendulkar stood and gave his farewell speech to his millions of fans in the stadium and watching him live on television, many had tears in their eyes. The little master got emotional about all his supporters, family and friends.

Even Bollywood celebrities could not stop from shedding a tear or two at Tendulkar’s last appearance. As Sachin spoke cameras zoomed to his many fans wiping off tears. Rahul Bose standing in the pavilion cheered for him while looking very emotional bidding farewell to the cricket legend.
Bose, who is a sport enthusiast, has himself played professional rugby and boxing had previously tweeted “Here`s the thing about sachin`s innings. If it is his last, its good news for India, if it isn`t his last, its good news for Indians.”

Other celebrities like Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Hrithik Roshan, Prasun Joshi, Kunal Kohli, Kunal Kapur, Rahul Gandhi and others were also present to say goodbye to Sachin Tendulkar in his final match.
Those who were not present wished Sachin via social networks: