Bono understands why people hate him

Washington: Bono has admitted that he knows the reasons behind his and his band’s unpopularity, insisting that the same things make them interesting and appealing to others.

The U2 singer, however, knows that he’s not going to be popular with everyone.

“We’re the most loved and hated band on earth. A lot of the reasons people don’t like us - apart from myself, which I understand because I have to live with me too - are actually what make us interesting,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Q magazine.

“Our diversions make us interesting. You might think, ‘Get the singe rout of my face!’ and I understand all the projectile vomiting aspects of shaking hands with politicians and having an interest in religion.

“But U2, love or hate them, all the things that shape or form the time, maybe not the fashionista but all the other things, we’re right there. I hope that makes it an interesting spectator sport,” he added.

The 51-year-old singer also admitted of repeating mistakes.
“The spiritual principle that my life - and this band - is based on is rebirth, that you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes. But I fear that’s exactly what I do,” he added.



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