Break up news spread by ‘jealous’ people: Bebo

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor seems to be quite a hot headed person these days. Post news of her spilt from beau Saif Ali Khan that made headlines, Bebo has decided to give a piece of her mind to all those “jealous” people who spread the false story.

Talking to a tabloid, the actress said, “This is all unnecessary news spread by jealous people.”

The Kapoor girl also accused her colleagues of being jealous of their blossoming relationship which is why they tend to cook up stories.

“I think, in this industry, people can’t see two people happy in a relationship and doing so well. We are both in the best phase of our careers and that is what affects people. I am hurt and upset, as the entire news is false and baseless.”

Denying that the break up news was in no way close to reality, Bebo said, “I would never have reacted if there were any truth to it. We definitely don’t want to entertain such malicious gossip.”

However, on being prompted about who could have started such rumours, the actress said, “Obviously these rumours have started from somewhere. It is disgusting to involve families into things like these. I would never discuss my personal life on film sets. And the fact of the matter is that Saif and I know how close we are. We don’t owe anyone any explanation.”

Kareena has also blamed media for trying to dampen their relationship that’s going very much strong.

”All these media speculations sometimes get to us. At the end of the day, we are known for our jobs and we have always been open to everyone about our relationship. ”

Surprisingly, Bebo also dismissed news of her impending marriage to the 41 year old Chhote Nawab.

She said, “I have been shooting regularly. I know that people have been speculating that we will marry soon, but I have so many movies to finish and Saif is busy with his films.”

But the couple is all set to take a much needed break from work and head to Paris.

“I have been shooting non-stop. Saif and I are now taking a break and going to Paris for a vacation to spend some time together, as I have four films releasing this year, “said Kareena.

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