Britney Spears emotionally manipulated in conservatorship, says ex nanny

Washington: Britney Spears’ former nanny is all set to testify that the pop singer has been emotionally manipulated throughout her court-ordered conservatorship along with offering shocking details, when she takes the stand this week as a witness for the ‘X Factor’ judge’s former manager Sam Lutfi.

Lourdes Torres, who has spent a great deal of time with the Spears family, is also said to present shocking details when she appears as witness for Lutfi in his ongoing breach of contract, libel and defamation case for comments pop singer’s mother Lynne Spears made in a book about her life.

“Lulu is going to be called as a witness by Sam Lutfi’s lawyer to testify about what she witnessed when she was a nanny to Britney’s two children, in the months after the conservatorship was put in place in 2008,” Radar Online quoted a source as saying.

“Lulu will testify that she believes Britney was being emotionally manipulated in the conservatorship and will blow the lid off of what was really going on with her. Lulu ended up quitting her job because she was so disturbed by what she saw was happening to Britney.

“Lulu signed a non-disclosure agreement so she has never been able to go public with her concerns for Britney, however, the NDA doesn’t cover a court of law and Lulu is ready to testify.

“Lulu’s testimony could have significant impact on the jury because she spent a great deal of time with Britney and her parents after the conservatorship was put in place. Lulu isn’t after money, she just wants the truth to come out and it will be shocking,” the source said.

On the other hand, a source also revealed that songwriter’s lawyer is not aware of Lulu taking a stand as a witness.

“Expect Lulu to be one of the first witnesses that Sam’s lawyer calls to the stand. Britney’s lawyers have no idea that Lulu is going to testify,” the source added.