Bruce Willis counts Jason Statham, Daniel Craig and himself as gen next action stars

London: A new generation of Hollywood stars seems to have stepped up to take the place of legendary action heroes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

But Willis is far from retiring, as he is currently promoting the fifth installment of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise in Los Angeles, crushing any criticism of the new generation in his trademark, no-nonsense style.

And he claimed that the ageing action kings’ heirs are all made in Britain.

“I think there are new action stars, I think Jason Statham is one. He’s really good. And Daniel Craig is a pretty tough guy. He reinvented that whole genre. He made me start watching James Bond movies again. He’s great,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

He added that it takes a while to become a guy that is as mythical as Schwarzenegger.

Just when Bond looked in trouble, Craig has given it a new lease of life and the franchise is in great shape in its 50th year.

And Statham does not get the credit he deserves from movie critics, especially those in Britain who should be proud of one of the UK’s most successful film exports.

By starring in dozens of hit movies, including ‘Crank’, 3 Transporter flicks and ‘The Expendables’, he has made more than 20 million pounds and cemented his place in the Hollywood A-list.