Career can be lonely: Jennifer Lawrence

London: Actress Jennifer Lawrence says her life can be lonely because she is so busy with her career.

The 21-year-old actress, who said she enjoyed travelling around the world to promote her movies, also admitted she misses her family and friends, reported

"You stay in these amazing hotel suites and I love the travelling and the people I work with, but yes, it`s a lonely lifestyle," the actress told Stylist magazine.

"It took me years to find the friends I`ve got. I`ve got five or six amazing friends that I trust and love, I know exactly who I am and don`t care about anything else. I think it`s so important to keep those people and family in your life."

"It`s so easy to think that this is reality, that people are lining up outside just to write down what I have to say. That`s not real, that`s weird," she said.