Cher apologises after key to city of Adelaide sells for £55k on eBay

London: Cher has revealed that she is “upset” and trying to get to the bottom of why a key to the city of Adelaide she was given in 1990 ended up on eBay and sold for nearly 55,000 pounds.

The appearance of the brass key and an accompanying memorial plaque on the Internet auction house offended officials in the southern Australian city, with Adelaide mayor Stephen Yarwood saying he was “exceptionally disappointed”.

“It must be very embarrassing for her if she is selling it because she needs the money,” the Telegraph quoted Yarwood as saying.

In a tweet, the 65-year-old diva said she was mystified about it appearing on eBay.

“I’m upset 2 and trying 2get2 bottom! I Think my office fkd up?’ she tweeted.

The key and engraved plaque was sold by a user called Authentic—Cher who claims to be the musician’s new “personal consignor”, saying the item was from her Malibu, California home.

The auction closed after 146 bids from people around the world with the successful buyer paying around 55,000 pounds.

Cher was awarded the key to the city in recognition of her performance at the 1990 Formula One Grand Prix.


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