Courtney Love wants to revive her acting career

Updated: May 21, 2010, 17:50 PM IST

London: Courtney Love is looking to return to the big screen, as she wants to renew her acting career.

The rocker has acted in a few Hollywood films like 200 Cigarettes and Man on the Moon, and has even received nomination for Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in The People vs Larry Flynt.

Love, who has been away from Hollywood for a while now, recently released her fourth Hole album, but has now, expressed a wish to return to movies.

"When I first started acting I passed on The Matrix, on LA. Confidential. I passed on a lot of stuff because I really wasn`t ready to pass on the rock thing. I`m still not ready to give that up but I`d like to do the acting part-time," The Daily Star quoted her as telling Kerrang! Magazine.