Crowe helps Worthington handle fame

London: Actor Russell Crowe is helping Sam Worthington deal with fame after the blockbuster success of `Avatar`.

Worthington said that Crowe "really helped him out" when he started getting recognised and advised him to be respectful to his fans, reports

"We Aussie actors all know each other. I`ve asked Russell Crowe for advice...He`s really helped me out a lot," said Worthington.

"There`s no school that can tell you how to handle things like losing your anonymity. (Russell told me) to handle it with sensitivity. It`s hard to ask someone for their autograph. So if someone snubs me, why snub them? They`re braver than I am and deserve my respect," he added.

The 34-year-old admits that he has been the autograph hunter himself, asking for signatures from his favourite musicians.

He said: "I`ve asked Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo and Angus Young from AC/DC."


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