Customer saves Winslet from embarrassing banking experience

New York: Hollywood actress Kate Winslet was saved from an embarrassing banking experience by a customer who helped the star cash her change after the teller refused to serve her.

The `Titanic` star visited a New York branch of Chase bank with her two children on Thursday morning to hand in their loose coins in exchange for dollar bills.

But the bank clerk refused to process the transaction after realising that the Oscar-winner did not hold an account at the branch, reported a news daily.

However, the 34-year-old actress was saved from dragging the bucket of change home when a customer at the bank offered to swap the coins for notes.

The generous patron was stunned when Winslet removed her sunglasses to thank him.

"(He asked) `Are you Kate Winslet?` Winslet smiled and nodded," said a source at the bank.



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