Drugs found during Justin Bieber`s house search, friend arrested

PTI| Updated: Jan 15, 2014, 16:25 PM IST

Los Angeles: Justin Bieber`s friend Lil Za was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession during a search at the `Baby` hitmaker`s home to investigate his alleged involvement in egging of neighbour`s house.

Detectives were searching the singer`s Calabasas mansion on Tuesday for evidence that Bieber allegedly tossed eggs at a neighbour`s home, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The singer`s neighbour had called the detectives to report that his house had sustained USD 20,000 in damages after 20 eggs were thrown at his home by Bieber.

The investigator found drugs there and took Lil Za aka Xavier Dominique Smith, 20, into custody.

Lt Dave Thompson originally stated that cocaine was found "in plain view of the deputies," but sheriff`s spokesman Steve Whitmore later said the substance was more likely Ecstasy or the synthetic drug Molly.

Bieber "was not connected to the (drugs) other than the gentleman was staying at his residence."

The singer, however, remains a suspect in the egg throwing incident, which is latest in his clashes with his neighbour.