Farah opens up about SRK-Shirish spat

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan-Shirish slapgate is the latest talk of the tinsel town. Even as SRK, Farah and Shirish have hugged and patched up, the chatter among B-Towners refuses to die down.

Apparently, clearing the air about this fiasco, Farah told a news channel, “We can’t be behaving like this…we are almost nearing 50 and it’s too juvenile to even talk about it.”

Further adding she said, “What`s been happening since yesterday was really ugly, and it was also getting blown out of proportion.”

Talking to the media she said, “Whenever Shah Rukh and I meet, everything is back to normal. It`s like nothing ever happened. There`s no problem, there`s no misunderstanding. We just need to hug and cry and everything`s fine. What we spoke is a very personal thing, but everything is sorted now and for the people who were getting entertained by all this, sorry, you won`t be getting entertained anymore.”

"It was important that we met. We were there (Mannat) for about two-and-a-half to three hours - we cried, we laughed, we joked...",she said.

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