Freida Pinto is `unrecognisable` in Mumbai slums

London: Freida Pinto may have become globally famous with her role in `Slumdog Millionaire` but she was surprised to find out that no one recognised her when she visited the slums of Mumbai recently.

The Mumbai-born actress visited the slums with an NGO and was surprised to find that no-one knew her, a magazine reported.

"People in the city recognise me as the girl from `Slumdog Millionaire`, and inevitably they stare. But when I visited the slums with an NGO, nobody recognised me at all. I didn`t mind," Pinto said.

However, the 26-year-old actress insisted that people often become confused when they meet her co-star Dev Patel as they are still in the notion that he is a millionaire in real life, as his alter-ego Jamal Malik in the Oscar-winning movie.

"As for Dev, they hounded him, calling him crorepati, which means millionaire. Everyone needs entertainment, so I`m very glad the film reached them," she said.

Despite her success, the `Miral` star claims she is known as a person who loves to chill out in her pyjamas when she is with her family in Mumbai.

"I generally used my time in Mumbai to unwind, so unless there`s anything important, I`ll be in my pyjamas the entire day, reading papers and watching movies," she added.