Gaga consults astrologers for world tour

London: Lady Gaga has become superstitious! The singer is consulting a team of astrologers ahead of her world tour as she feels her stars are aligned against her favour.

The "Poker face" singer is concerned that the planet Mercury is going retrograde - and according to astrologers, this brings bad luck.

"Gaga is worried as she wants the stars to be aligned when she hits the road. She follows her horoscopes closely and has been looking ahead for when she`s away," quoted a source as saying.

Astrologers say Mercury in retrograde, a phenomena where it seems to be travelling backwards through the sky, happens around three times a year.

And it will occur from July 15 to Aug 8 in the middle of Gaga`s Born This Way Ball world tour, which starts this month in Seoul.

"She`s a typical Aries - outgoing with a sense of adventure. But when she found out Mercury is likely to go retrograde, she wasn`t happy and has been talking it through with her spiritual team," the source added.

Mercury was also reportedly retrograde on the day Gaga was born March 28, 1986.